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Window to the Womb Stoke is a new sponsor to the Baby, Toddler & Beyond events for 2019! We are thrilled to welcome them to our events this year, they are the leading private baby ultrasound scan clinic in Stoke-on-Trent, offering a range of pregnancy scans designed to fit into the various stages of your pregnancy. Check out their step by step video

All of their scans are carried out by a fully qualified & registered sonographers, who will check baby’s movement, heartbeat, position and placental position. Each package is tailored to suit each expecting mum and their family, so whether you’d like a scan to check baby’s measurements, to see baby in a 4D scan or you want to walk away with prints, digital movies & images, heartbeat bears and more, then Window to the Womb is the place to go for every part of your pregnancy, to create memories that you, and your family, can cherish forever!

Starting with their Early Scans – Reassurance scans, Visibility scans and Dating scans from 6-15+6 weeks will offer you a first glimpse into the life growing inside of you and the chance to calm any nerves you may have about the 1st trimester of pregnancy, with a print to take away and a full obstetric report.

From 16-22 weeks you can visit them for an early Well-being & Gender Scan, a full 4 weeks before the NHS scans for gender. In their relaxing environment you’ll feel right at home, with relaxing music and dimmed lighting enhancing the large screens around the room where you can see baby in their protected world during the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

From 24-34 weeks they offer a selection of fantastic 4D Scans, giving you the ability to see babies features and have a true bonding experience with your baby, where family can come together to have a glimpse into babies world in the womb. They can accommodate up to 7 guests including mum-to-be. With screens all-around the scan room so everyone can feel involved in the experience.

They also have Growth & Presentation Baby Scans for between 26-40 weeks and includes a more detailed Well-being check that includes presentation of baby & placenta position, head and abdominal circumference measurements, femur length measurements & estimated fetal weight

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01782 497730 (Everyday: 9.00am to 8.00pm)


220 Knutton Lane



Really enjoyed the day, it was outdoor and the weather wasn’t brilliant, but Abi & Louise were there all through the day and helped to lift our spirits, lovely ladies
Mandy Dexter
Excellent communication between the event planners, floor plans and all housekeeping information sent out well in advance, will definitely book with again
Very professional and very friendly. Will be booking more stalls
Fran Brayford